Ali Gul Mallah says He Tried To commit suicide

Ali Gul Mallah says He Tried To commit suicide

Ali Gul Mallah, a talented actor from Pakistan known for his work in television and theater, initially started his career with Sindhi dramas. Despite his involvement in numerous dramas, he gained widespread fame in recent times. Notable works include his role in the popular¬† drama “Besharam” and his appearance in the well-known Hum TV series “Yakeen Ka Safar.”

More recently, he became widely recognized for his outstanding performance in the hit Pakistani drama “Ishq Murshid,” where his dialogues and the iconic word “Bhallay” went viral.

In a podcast hosted by Nadir Ali, Ali Gul Mallah candidly shared a challenging period in his life when he contemplated suicide. He recounted being devastated after his mother’s death, feeling like an orphan, and facing homelessness and starvation.

In a moment of despair, he even considered attempting suicide on a railway track but reconsidered, realizing the impact it could have on the owner of a borrowed cycle. The thought of someone else being labeled a thief led him to return the cycle and abandon the idea of suicide.

A turning point occurred when a friend approached him with a script, providing a positive distraction from his distress. Mallah emphasized the importance of treating orphans well, sharing that mistreatment by an employer had contributed to his despair. His message to others is to show kindness to orphans.


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