MQM’s Anis Advocate, Raza Haroon join PPP

KARACHI: After meeting with Pakistan People’s Party parliamentarians President Asif Ali Zardari, MQM senior leaders Anis Advocate and Raza Haroon joined the PPP along with their colleagues.

On this occasion, President Asif Ali Zardari and the former leaders of the MQM Coordination Committee Anis Advocate and Raza Haroon signed the Charter of Karachi regarding the development of the city, prosperity, peace and reconciliation environment.

Asif Ali Zardari said that the charter of Pakistan People’s Party of Karachi will have far-reaching effects on the future of the Quaid’s city.

He said that Pakistan People’s Party is a party of the people of Karachi. Struggling to restore the lights of Karachi that were stolen by the enemies of peace and the merchants of hatred, he added that Pakistan People’s Party getting power in the federation with the votes of the residents of Shahr-e-Quaid would be equivalent to the people of Karachi getting power in the centre.

Zardari likened the future of Karachi to Dubai and said that we want investment to come to Karachi from all over the world and Karachi to become an economic hub in the style of Dubai.


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