Whose duty to serve parents? Husband or wife

“Serving parents is your duty not mine”. It’s going all the rage these days. Rather, some clerics have also come forward. Of course, views on YouTube are also needed!

Serving does not mean washing shoes or asking to massage and wash feet all day. It is not necessary to cut wood from forests and make food by lighting fire from these wood.

If the husband is trying more than his duty for you, he is also expecting more from his wife. Please don’t hide behind Shariat on stealing your work.

The youth might not be understood at this age. At the age of fifty, when the bones will grow weaker and at that time your young son will be earning and the daughter-in-law will say service is not my duty, then you will understand. Enjoy your youth now. And in old age wait for the consequences.

The example of western society is in front of you. Old people still die there in old homes. Sobbing alone. If you want to avoid this time, adopt an attitude of kindness today. You are fond of donating to the poor and weak outside home. If you help the weak within the four walls of the house, it reminds you of difference between the duty and rights?

Sye Owais Mukhtar is not a scholar
Aka IBN Sayyid

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